Delta Force Leadership Program


Delta Force Leadership Program

Delta Force, a proven and effective leadership program, is designed to empower diverse individuals of our community with the knowledge, skills and inspiration to successfully assume effective leadership roles in Delta County. The program also develops a collective resource and problem solving network to help address community needs, today and in the future.

The growth and prosperity of our community is closely tied to the quality and commitment of our next generation of leaders; the individuals who are needed to serve on boards, commissions, in community groups and in elected positions. This kind of leadership talent must be aggressively sought out, nurtured, and given the tools to lead successfully. Through Delta Force, a 9-month program supported and sponsored by many community organizations, those resources will be cultivated. Over the past twenty years, more than 400 students have graduated as more informed and capable leaders who are committed to using their talents to help develop our community.

Our challenge to you is to identify emerging leaders then encourage and support their participation in the program. Following an inspirational kick off in mid-February, ten subsequent all-day sessions will be held one or two days per month through October. The program will conclude with the graduation ceremony at the Chamber’s 2024 Annual Dinner.

The primary focus of Delta Force is personal leadership skill development, quality of life issues related to education, public safety, criminal justice, economic and community development, local government, state and federal government and the political process and media communications.
All of the sessions are designed to be highly interactive and thought provoking. A typical day will involve a combination of group discussions, field trips and presentations by respected local leaders. Sessions will be held in locations appropriate to the topic. The instruction will not reflect any one solution or political viewpoint, but rather will present varied and diverse approaches to problem solving and dispute resolution.

We want our community to find and develop more than one leader at a time so begin thinking about members of the community who will benefit from the leadership program and encourage them to complete the enclosed applications. Applications will be accepted through January 26th.
Who benefits from the Delta Force program? Obviously the program participants as they learn to identify additional opportunities to influence positive change and impact quality of life, but so, too, does our waterfront community with the increased involvement of the soaring eagles of Delta Force.
Please nominate or encourage your soaring eagle to get involved in Delta Force. Our waterfront community will be a better place to live and work because of your commitment to the program!

Registration for the program is $425 per participant.


Applicant Information

This information is required to enter you into our district database if your application is accepted. Program fee is $425 per person.


Core Values


Character traits of good leaders which are meaningful include: honesty, wisdom in vision, problem solving, trustworthiness, helpfulness, courage that extends to bravery …. They move you to become the one people will follow, especially in rough times, raising the ability of the whole to positive results and excellence.


Leadership is about being accountable and responsible to those following you and those you affect. Effective leaders interact, listen, connect, discern, repair and respond with their actions without avoiding accountability.


The cultural values of the place you are in and the profession you are experienced in, that which you accept as dominant in your life, will define how you behave as a leader and where the lines are that you won’t cross. Leadership that stands the test of time holds high the values related to trust and truth.


Moral and principle-centered leadership in our community must be defined by the core values we hold in common, all of which are anchored in the law and a high standard of ethical behavior. The followers of this leadership are justified by their trust. In this setting, leaders that do the right things for the common good are respected, not threatened by retribution.

Leadership Process

Managers manage things, leaders lead people, and good leaders understand the management strengths and good communications needed for the situation. Good leaders are good listeners and connect positively to those they affect. Leaders can see the map. They instinctively learn and apply the big picture. Leaders need to know how to build trust for the common good. Leaders make sound and timely decisions. They empower those involved to do their tasks and carry out their roles successfully. Leaders aren’t necessarily the ones that run the meeting.

Program Schedule

Media & Communications

Participants meet with multiple media to learn how to get their story heard. The day includes mock interviews at Radio Results network, and a journey through the writing process at the Daily Press.

Health & Human Services

Participants discover the resources available to help guide this community to good physical and mental health. The day begins with a tour of St. Vincent de Paul, then progressing to OSF St. Francis where students are taken on a tour of the facilities to learn about the issues/ challenges/ and opportunities affecting healthcare, understanding hospital bills, and information about advanced directive planning and factors affecting healthcare costs.

Law & Order

Participants explored the fabric of the Delta County Justice system and the relationships woven among its members. A ride along with a local law enforcement officer is scheduled before by participants for the purpose of observing and journaling the daily operation of the department.

Community Leadership and DiSC

The day will includes motivational morning session with BDD and Associates emphasizing the importance of the Five Essential Elements of Leadership. The BDD session is followed by discussion of the DISC profiling system and how the information may be used to build a description of students’ leadership styles and typical behaviors.

History & Culture

The day will identify some of the historical bits and pieces that have helped make us who we are. A trip to the Hannahville Community followed with a tour to include the Casino, Health Clinic, School, Community Center and Administrative Offices. Following the tours, representatives share some background about the community, their 2020 vision for the future and 2% fund distribution.


Government Day is filled with the opportunity to meet and interact with leaders at several levels of local and state government. Participants learn about the various levels of responsibilities and services as well as the challenges that each faces as they try to serve the public. They will also become more aware of the vast number of opportunities that are open to serve in leadership positions in local government.

Environmental Awareness

Participants learn more about the continued relationship between our natural environment and the Delta County of today. They also visit a logging operation and take a cruise on the Bays de Noc on the Inland Seas Schooner – floating classroom, and tour a world class paper making facility, located right in our own backyard.”


This session will explore the issues impacting education in Delta County. Participants will leave with a broader perspective and a deeper understanding of the complexities facing educators today.

Economic Development

An overview of Delta County’s economic development efforts and resources, including a look at key elements of our economy, entrepreneurship, and workforce development; visits to representative businesses; and, observation of a board at work.

Graduation @ Chamber Annual Dinner

The program comes to an end with a Graduation ceremony at the Chamber Annual Dinner. Participants reflect on what they have learned in the program with a commencement address from one of the program participants.

Delta Force Leadership Program

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